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 The original "Jass Two"


Jass Two started in 1994 when famous Portland bandleader Teddy Deane of the Swingline Cubs and The Holy Modal Rounders called Steve Boden to work the Columbia River sternwheelers.  They were featured talent aboard the “Queen of the West”, the “Columbia Gorge”. They also played aboard the “Crystal Dolphin” and “Portland Rose”.

Teddy now lives on San Juan Island, WA and continues his musical adventures with the Fly Right Boys

Visit: www.teddydeane.com

“I always enjoy having these guys on board.  Their music is great and they tell almost as many stories as I do.  They really know how to give the crowd what they want to hear; and I always hear compliments about them.”
(Capt. Tom Cramblett, Sternwheeler Columbia Gorge)


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Jass Two Plus One '02


The act became Jass Two Plus One in 2002 with ace reedman Joe Wimmer on clarinet and the late Jack Stevens on bass.

Jack was the essential bassist.  He was a big, solid man who really knew early jazz, and was totally committed to the beat.  Jack helped polish the comedy and explore the classic jazz standards of the Twenties and Thirties.

.Jass Two Plus One went on to play nightclubs, conventions, summer concerts, retirement venues, and casuals of every type.


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Jass Two Plus One '05




.JassTwo Plus One - 2005 - 2009

Joe Wimmer, a seasoned, veteran reedman also knew Vintage Jazz
and had great fun playing it for people.His zany approach delighted countless Jass Two Plus One audiences.

His contribution helped establish the group as one of Portland's finest Vintage Jazz trios.


Jass Two Plus One '09

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